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15 June 2008

Just call me Cruella DeVille

All three of my Dalmation Mollies died this weekend. It makes me moderately sad. They all died within ten hours of each other, so I'm thinking the batch was bad. I had my water tested, and it was fine. I replaced them with black mollies (thanks to PetSmart's return policy!) All of the other fish are doing well.

Well, with one exception.

Burke died on Friday. It makes me more than moderately sad. I've had him forever. Well, forever in fish terms. I got him on October of last year. That's a damn long time for a fishy. Anyway, he got some kind of fungus and then lost his buoyancy. It was really sad to watch him deteriorate. I almost cried when it was official. But I held it together for the sake of the other fish. I didn't want them to realize what had happened. Plus they were probably relieved. He was a bit of a bastard to them.
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