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07 June 2008

Dessert night!

I had the girls over last night for a dessert party. Everyone was here! Laura brought these brownie cheesecake cupcake things that were awesome. Brandy brought a ridiculously good peanut butter pie. Kristen brought some fantastic banana split brownie concoction. Sarah and Emma, being smart, brought egg salad sandwiches (knowing that all the sugar would throw us into shock!). Rae brought some very yummy strawberry shortcake, and Liz brought some fruit and yogurt. Mel also had some remarkable foresight and brought chips and dip. I also provided a coconut cake from Ganache and guacamole from Earthfare ... obviously to be eaten separately! The food was spectacular. We polished off five bottles of wine and a few beers.

This is not counting the bottle of wine that had fermented in the bottle. Rae broke the corkscrew trying to get it open. She actually lodged the screw part inside of the cork and snapped off the handle! The cork was then firmly lodged inside the bottle, and we had to smash the neck off the bottle to get it open. Unfortunately the wine had turned and all was for naught. But it was pretty fantastic to see Rae kick that corkscrew's ass!

Even though the air conditioning wasn't working perfectly, we still had a pretty kick ass time! Yeah for girls' night!
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