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02 June 2008


Well, I finally got some work done. I was able to maintain focus long enough to 1.) enter all of the new titles/authors for my special topics list, 2.) look up the ISBNs for all of the books I need to get from the library, and 3.) read a chapter from one of my texts while sitting on the front porch. It's not much, but it makes me feel a little less like a lazy ass.

Tomorrow is trash day. I look up and down the street and people have HEAPINGLY (which isn't a word, but I don't care) full trash bins. I mean, trash gets picked up EVERY Tuesday. How do these people generate so much crap? My ginormous (another non-word) trash bin that the city provides has one small bad of trash and a broken metal picture frame inside. Part of me didn't even want to put it out on the curb, but I figured it would be smelly by this time next week.

As a result of this observation, I've decided to start an apartment compost bin. After a quick Google search, it is clear that a lot of people do this already. Some people even keep their compost bin inside the house. Apparently, if a compost bin is maintained correctly, there is no garbage smell. That made me very happy to read. When I think about the things that actually go into my trash barrel, the vast majority of it is food scraps. My most recent bag of trash is filled with strawberry waste, apple cores, wrinkled blueberries, banana peels, salad remains, and the like. If I can compost all of that, I'll be able to seriously reduce my trash output (and, in effect, do my part to decrease landfill spaces) at the same time that I generate high quality organic soil for my house plants. Both of these factors make me happy!

The process is relatively easy as well. All I need is a 20-gallon plastic bucket with some holes drilled in the bottom. Some dry bedding/soil, slats to prop it on for aeration, a "stir" stick, and maybe some wood ash (if I am able to happen upon some). I can keep it outside my back door and throw my scraps if non-protein foods (i.e no meat scraps) into it on a regular basis. I'm going to try to find a bucket tomorrow. I'm sure I can find one for free somewhere. In a few months, I'll have some top-notch soil for my pretty little plants!

It scares me just a little that I am turning into a tree-hugger.
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