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18 June 2008

Black Hole

I think my fish tank has a black hole. I'm not sure where this black hole is exactly or where it leads to, but every few days, a fish or two will disappear into it. I will search the tank frantically for the missing fish (carcass) but will find nothing. I'll lift rocks, move plants, look under the bubble feature, but no fish. However, when I check in the morning or a few hours later, the fish have returned! Last night my pleco and Shelley the Snail got sucked into the black hole. Let me tell you, the pleco is rather camouflaged and disguised, so I might have missed him in my search. But Shelley is the size of a large marble. And she's ivory-yellow in color. How could I miss her?

I equate the black hole as my fishes way of "sneaking out" of the house. They go off to some rave and drop X and smoke pot and drink hard liquor all night long but return in time for breakfast. Only they don't stuff their blankets with their pillows to fool me. Silly fish.

Oh yeah. I've got their number.
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