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10 June 2008

In Fishy News ...

We all survived the night. No dead bodies. No nibbled fins. No blood shed. Now I can think about names since they made it through the night...

Burke has totally commandeered one corner/half of the tank. He lies in wait under the tiny little castle, waiting for a fish to come into his "territory" so he can drive it off. It's pretty funny. It's only funny because he's not actually hurting anyone. He totally acts like a little Napoleon. I'm thinking I need to get a bigger fish to show him who's boss. We'll see. Maybe tonight. Maybe tomorrow. If he doesn't start playing nice, I may have to put him back in solitary (his own private bowl). Although, I will give him credit. He has stopped flaring his gills and is considerable less aggressive than last night. Maybe he just needs time.

I just want to say that I am totally fascinated by this whole aquarium thing. I've only ever had a fish in a bowl, never a bunch of fish in a giant aquarium. It's like the freakin' animal kingdom is right here in my living room! I'm sorry for those of you who read this who are bored by my fishy adventures, but this shit is fantastic!
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