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04 August 2010

Belated birthday presents make me feel less yucky

I'm home sick from school today. All I am missing is endless meetings, but it still feels pretty lame to miss work after only two days of being there. At least I didn't need a sub or to create sub plans. I should be back in action tomorrow ... hopefully.

One thing that certainly made me forget about not feeling tip-top (at least for a while) was my belated birthday delivery. I had left my charm bracelet and new heirloom ring at the jeweler for some repairs, and The Boy had ordered me my birthday present while we were in NY. The package came via UPS today, and everything looked so beautiful!!

My pretty new old ring.

My beautiful new topaz birthday pendant.

I need a slightly longer chain, but isn't it pretty? David does such beautiful work!

I didn't include a pic of the charm bracelet, but it is growing! I now have 15 charms on it. It is good to have it back on my wrist. It's been in for repairs since before my birthday, and my wrist has felt rather naked. It's comforting to have it back.

Yeah for all of my pretty baubles! Now I just need some bangles. And perhaps some beads ... ;-)
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