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21 August 2010

Three Cheers for Productivity!

Despite being awoken at 2:30am with a dry-heaving dog, I still was able to sleep in today and wake up feeling refreshed and re-energized. I slept in until 8:30 (which, if you take into account the hour that I was up with the dog, that really means that I only slept until 7:30) and got up to begin my work for the day. I putzed around on the blog for a while adding tags and labels to a year's worth of posts. I didn't finish, but I made some good headway.

After that I went to the gym at the complex and ran in place on the elliptical for an hour! I burned around 706 calories! WooHooo!! I got back to my apartment and was STARVING. Ate half a personal seedless watermelon, showered, and began working on teaching stuff.

I got quite a bit accomplished today, and I'm satisfied with my work. I'm ready for Meet the Teacher Night on Thursday and for my teaching this week. Now I can head to mass and return to grade 63 student writing assignments.

Tomorrow will hopefully be some more sleeping in as well as another lengthy run on the elliptical. As far as work goes, tomorrow is Diss Day. No teaching work, only diss work. Too bad I don't enjoy it as much as my teaching work. :-/
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