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21 August 2010

Sleepless in ... not Seattle

When I went to bed last night (read: 6 hours ago), I was super excited about sleeping in in the morning. Getting up early every day during the week wears me out, and I was looking very forward to catching some extra winks in the am. Unfortunately, The Beast had other plans.

At about 2:30, she decided to start dry-heaving. Didn't throw up. Just made me panic that she would all over the carpeting. (Sadly, this isn't a strange behavior for her, so I'm not worried.) So I took her outside and let her do her business before returning to bed. She took that as a signal that it was wakey time. Um ... no. It is not.

After forcing her back to bed, she is now sleeping soundly on the floor, and I have lost the ability to sleep. Joy.

So much for sleeping in...
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