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29 August 2010

I've been invaded!!!

My precious tomato plants that I have worked so hard to cultivate are under attack! Under attack by ugly, nasty, disgusting hornworms!! These nasty creatures can be as big as my pinky finger and they DEVOUR tomato plants -- leases, stems, fruit, and stalks. And they are U-G-L-Y.

My problem is that I am trying to be organic, and there is no easy way to kill them using organic methods. I could get some wasps that use hornworm bodies as breeding grounds, but that means my back porch area would be covered with wasps. I could pick them off by hand and drown them in soapy water, but the idea of touching a bug that looks like that REALLY creeps me out. (You've seen my praying mantis post, right? Well, you can add these nasty creatures to my phobia list.) I could buy ladybugs and release them (which would be awesome), but part of me questions the value in that. It is September, and I know that there isn't much life left in my plants. Fall is coming, and the tomato plants will be dying off soon. 

While I try to decide what to do, I have sprayed all the plants down with a Meyer's dishsoap and water
solution in an attempt to kill off the nasty creatures.  Ugh ...

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