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12 August 2010

"Hair" it is!

I went in for the big cut last night. It was a BIG cut and is rather short now. I pretty much love it. Emily is amazing and turned my long untamed tresses into something quite cute and manageable. The ponytail she cut off was massive, and I plan on weighing it this afternoon in one of the science classes. I'm pretty sure it is at least a full pound of hair!

Emily was so funny about the haircut. She was so concerned that I wasn't going to like it or that I was going to get emotional when she cut the bulk of the length. I laughed because I grew up getting my hair cut. Seriously. Between my mom and my sister and numerous other relatives working as barbers or stylists, getting my hair cut isn't that big of a deal. It'll always grow back! We had some good conversations while she cut away at my mane, and we both loved the final product. While the pictures of me aren't that flattering, they show the cut well. I think it makes me look a little more youthful (which I need in my newly entered old age!).

The absolute best part of the cut is that it requires very little styling. Some conditioning smoother, a bit of mousse, and a touch of gloss. Air dry and done. That's what I need. Easy but fun. 
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