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18 November 2011

Best. Beer. Of. My. Life.

While in Chicago, I had the opportunity to visit Revolution Brewing, a small local brewing company that is doing some very amazing things. I actually went twice because, after I had this beer once, I knew I had to go back for it again. The food was pretty fantastic as well, but the beer was definitely stand out.

I'm speaking about the Barrel Aged Black Power. A. Mazing. Seriously. It has these amazing bourbon notes buried in a rich black smoothness. It seriously is the most amazing beer I've ever had in my life. I'm honestly sad to be leaving Chicago because I would like to drink this beer again, and I know it will be gone very soon. 

If you ever get to Chicago, make sure you stop here. PHENOMENAL. 
I know the picture is dark, but so is the beer. 
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