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25 November 2011

Happy Christmas Crafting

I actually made something I saw on Pinterest! Well, I've made other things before, but those were mainly food stuffs and some AMAZING jello shots (which, speaking of, I need to make again. SOON). I also found a great way to make use of the way-too-many corks that I have lying around the house. Add a few jingle bells and some shiny red ribbon, and there you have it!

(And, yes, I made this while listening to Christmas music. Don't' hate a girl for being sentimental. It's that time of year. And I kinda miss the fam back home ....)

My little wreath for the holidays.
Ain't she precious?

On a semi-related note ... When sorting through my copious amount of corks, I stumbled upon one dated November 22, 2009 from Thanksgiving in Spain. Which makes me remember fondly better times that I need to get back to. Ahhh ... good times, good times. 
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