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06 November 2011

My new baby

It's been four long years in the making, but I've finally got my new baby. Want to see her?

Isn't she beautiful? Cue Stevie Wonder ...
Yes, Verizon finally got the iPhone, and the 4S was released just in time for my contract renewal. She arrived via FedEx on Friday afternoon, and I love her already. She is better in SO MANY ways than my previous phone. I will admit that it was hard to give up my Google phone because I do love all things Google. And the Google Maps on the iPhone isn't nearly as user-friendly and organic as it was on my Droid. But her areas of strength certainly outweigh her deficiencies. And I LOVE that she is a world phone. No more renting a crappy phone when I head overseas (which, with any luck, will be in March!).

I just adore her. Not that I'm stuck on material things ... :)
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