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17 November 2011

My love affair with dessert continues

Have I ever mentioned how much I love dessert? I'm pretty confident that I have. I'm one of those people who checks out the dessert menu before the actual meal menu. I have a wicked sweet tooth, and it only occasionally gets me into trouble. And when a friend suggests a restaurant and specifically mentions the dessert, I'm sold (thank you SOOOOO much, Sheila, for the rec. Best meal of my trip!)

I hit up Quartino with a girlfriend while in Chicago, and I'm so glad I did. The wine was served old-world style with no stemware of fancy-schmancy getups (despite my love of the fancy-schmancy). It came to you in carafes and cups. Just like the old world. Dinner was served in a tapas style (which I adore because it lets me try more of what the menu has to offer). My girlfriend and I shared the gnocchi and the shrimp risotto (because I'm a sucker for a good risotto), and she had the polenta fries while I hoarded the calamari. Everything was fantastic. Perfectly cooked and well seasoned. I had no complaints about the meal. 

Especially when it came to dessert. 

Ahhhh ... dessert ...

I had the zeppoles (at the suggestion of Sheila. Thank you yet again), and they were sinfully heavenly. Lightly fried and then dusted with some powdered sugar with dark chocolate and/or honey for a dipping sauce ... mmmmmmmmm ... heaven. I added a glass of lemon cello to make it all complete. 

I left sated and ready for bed.
Um ... Yum!
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