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22 November 2011

A bit more from Chicago ...

NCTE has ended and ALAN has begun. After shipping off my giant box o' books that I got at registration, I attended a few hours worth of presentations and then headed down to the Field Museum for some leg-stretching and sight-seeing. 

On my way down Michigan, I happened upon Agora, a public art instillation that is named after the Greek city-state (and not the recent Rachel Weiss movie ... which, if you have actually seen it and know what I am talking about, I will love you forever.). I'm not normally into this kind of art, but I found it to be pretty cool. Especially when walking amongst all of the legs milling about. It also made me feel short which I was definitely a fan of. 

Agora, looking south.

Agora, looking north.

Compulsory skyline shot.

This wall was covered in the most beautifully autumnal vine.

Dinosaurs have invaded Chicago! And this one obviously needs a snack.

I also encountered many-a skull while in the Field Museum, and I became more than a little fascinated by them. So, of course, I took their pictures.

I absolutely love the shadow these figures cast upon the wall. Pretty cool, no?

 And, last but not least, a cool feathery weed thing. And, yes, that is it's scientific name.

The best thing about the Field Museum was that there were exhibits on China and the Mayans and India and chocolate. Because of this, I can write my admission off as a business expense because I was clearly researching for my curriculum. (Well, not with the chocolate part. That was just for me.)
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