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06 November 2011

Paw Printed

I finally got my Bailey tattoo. After work on Friday, I headed downtown to see Marco. He's done some work on a colleague, and I really liked him after meeting him earlier in the week. The shop was really clean and friendly, and I felt quite comfortable going in there. After all, I was going to have some intimate body parts exposed so it's important that I feel comfortable and at ease.

I went in at 7pm and walked out an hour or so later with my new ink. It hurt like no other tattoo has hurt me before. I thought it was horribly painful when I got the top of my foot done. No. That pales in comparison to needles stabbing you in the ribs for an hour or so. But, because I'm a bit of a masochist (why else does one ever get more than one tattoo?), I powered through. I actually really enjoy getting tattoos. It's very cathartic and oddly relaxing. If I didn't have a job that required me to appear so respectable (because, let's be honest, people don't automatically assume tattooed people are "respectable"), I'd have more. But I'm happy with my 4 at this point. Marco said he'd touch up my foot at some point because it is in desperate need of a "face" lift. But I'll attend to that sometime in the next few months. Especially my beast's paw print.

She is still a little red and sensitive, but I love her already. 
 It looks HUGE in this picture, but it really only covers a 2X3 space. 

The "B" is my favorite part. It's just beautiful. Marco did an AMAZING job.  And free hand, nonetheless. 
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