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13 November 2011

Mountain getaway

Mom and Pop came down this weekend so we could take a quick weekend jaunt to the mountains. Mom and Dad love The Biltmore and they've wanted to see it al decked out in Christmas garb, so now was as good a time as any. We stayed at the inn on the estate which was absolutely beautiful. I'm talking fluffy robes, turn down service, valet, roses in the room ... all that jazz. It was pretty swank and definitely confirmed that I am supposed to live a life like that. Now I just need to find me a sugar daddy to make it all happen.

Anyway, the weekend weather was absolutely gorgeous, and the mountains were beautiful. A lot of the leaves on that side of the Appalachians had fallen, but it was still beautiful. And Asheville is such a great town and reminds me of home, so I always love it there.

The view from our room

The Biltmore's West Wing 

The last roses were just starting to fade. 

Tall trees in them there mountains

Looking up ...

The estate from across the pond

I love boats. Perhaps I should live on one. This one may be a little small though ...

I wish the water was more still so the reflection of the house was clearer.

Yeah, I could live there. It would be acceptable. 
I simply adore the architecture and ornamentation ... even if it is ostentatious. 

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