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21 November 2011

I'm a soup convert

I've always made jokes that soup is for poor people. I know that it is poor taste, but it is just my artificial attempt at being elitist. Anyway, I've never really liked soup because I'm generally not a fan of the watery consistency of most soups. I do however like a good bisque ... I think partly because I like the name. 

At The Gage in Chicago this week, I had the most amazing lobster pumpkin bisque. It was creamy and wonderful and amazing. It was one of those soups that came out in two parts - the meat and the liquid. When the waiter served me, my big white bowl simply had a lump of lobster meat and a bit of garnish. Over the top of that he poured the actual soup from a small silver pitcher. And, since I'm a whore for presentation, I LOVED it. (The first time soup was ever served this way for me, I was convinced that I had ordered and received the wrong thing. But when I saw the dish in it's entirety, I was far less concerned.) 

The meal was outstanding, but the bisque was by far the stand out element. Presentation aside, the soup was creamy and rich and had the perfect balance of rusticity and decadence. And ideal autumn soup. 

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