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09 November 2011

A little retail therapy never hurts

I spent way too much money this afternoon on fall/winter dresses, but they was desperately needed. I got three super cute winter dresses - two greys and one brown - and a killer wool knit above-the-knee skirt. I can't wear one of the grey ones to school because it is far too short and far too saucy, but everything else is very school appropriate. I did get them all at a discount (which is essential), and I'm pretty stoked about wearing them soon. And, by the looks of the extended forecast in Chicago, I'm going to need them! It looks like the highs are shaping up to be what the lows are here in NC. Joy.

I also got my haircut today which was also desperately needed. My stylist always does such an awesome job; I love her. But, since tomorrow is wacky hat/wig day, no one will see my new haircut under my wicked pink wig.

All in all, I'm ready for fall. (Hey! That rhymes!)

Bring it on. :)
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