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03 February 2011

Cardio Kick-what?!

Tonight, Quinn's Momma somehow persuaded me to spend an hour working out in a cardio kickboxing class at the gym we've joined. Currently, I am paralyzed on the couch, unable to move my legs and my arms. In fact, I can't even upload my daily picture because that would require me to move. Seriously, people. That hour kicked my ass.

Perhaps I am disturbed, but I actually want to go back to the class next week. I found the class challenging enough to keep my interest and to keep me working. There were definitely times when I had to take a break, but it was good. I want to attend the class often enough that it becomes easier to keep up and keep at it. I'm not sure what is wrong with me. This new excited-about-exercise-and-physical-fitness attitude that I've been hit with is a bit unnerving!

Of course, my whole attitude on this may change by tomorrow morning when I am unable to move out of my bed.

As for the NC Life 365 - Day 16 ... I'll be uploading that tomorrow.
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