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14 February 2011

My new business idea

After about a week of come-and-go feeling crumby, I've finally succumbed and took a sick day today. I thought I was feeling better on Saturday, but Sunday I woke up and it was back. Maybe I was too hard on myself on Saturday, doing kickboxing and going out in the evening, but Sunday came and I felt worse than I had last week.  Now my headache, sore throat, raspy cough, and general nausea is back. Joy. I called in this morning, slept until 11, and now am up ... on the couch.

Being single and sick is sometimes pretty rough. There is no one around to get you medicine or tissues or hot tea or run to the store and buy you soup and crackers and all those little things that make us feel better. There's no one around to walk the dog when she's being annoying, and there's no one to just be there and hang out with me. This isn't me complaining though! This is me coming up with a million dollar franchise idea. Ready for it? Here goes ...

Singles Sick Service! Great idea, right?

Here's the main idea: When single people (like me) of all ages are home sick for whatever reason -- flu, col, allergies ... you name it -- they can call this service to come and provide all the necessities on an on-call basis. The service would have to be affordable and can be ordered by family members and what-not as well as individuals. It would be staffed by RNs and nursing assistants and people of that sort so that a level of professionalism can be guaranteed.

I could really use that service today. I'm out of milk and juice and fruit.
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