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24 February 2011

Secrets of the Charm Bracelet

I recently stumbled across Jinny's post "Wearing a Memory," I was inspired to write a bit about my own "worn" memories. A few years back (7 or so), I purchased a sterling silver charm bracelet (because, like Jinny, I don't wear gold) with the intent of chronicling my life in charms. I made the decision that every charm I purchased would have some significance and would tell the story of my experiences and my travels. I also wanted charms that prompted a conversation and wouldn't just be obvious typical touristy charms. That single bracelet with three little charms has quickly morphed into a growing, dynamic chronicle of my life with more tan 15 charms. Inspired by Jinny, I figured that I would take the time to bring each charm to life and share it with my readers. (I've also had the brainstorm to write my memoirs based on the charms on my bracelet, but that just seems far too laborious right now.)

Make sure you check back for my future editions of "Charmed Life," complete with pictures and all! First edition should appear tomorrow: The Bailey charm.
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