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07 January 2011

The best kind of holiday shopping ... from home on my couch

I love that my students are so generous. I received almost $200 in gift cards this holiday season, $70 of which was for Barnes and Noble (and another $60 for Borders!). It took me all of an hour, but I managed to spend it all on a variety of goodies. From Barnes and Noble, I picked up two books (on of which is coming in another shipment), two daily calendars (Get Fuzzy and Pearls Before Swine -- the Get Fuzzy is for The Boy), two leather bookmarks, a pack of mini eco-notebooks, and some rubber stamps. The best part of it all is that almost everything was on sale! My stamps were only $3.47 and everything else was under $10. (Kiki, you should check out the book in the picture. I think you would find it quite funny!)

I also bought these great "love" postcards. The pack has 40 postcards and each card has a cute and simple statement of love. On of my favorites has a picture of a British pound note folded into the shape of a heart that reads "My heart pounds for you." How sweet! I plan to send one or two to The Boy each week. You know, keep our love new and fresh. I've already got one filled out and ready to send tomorrow. Of course, now I need postcard stamps. Do they even make those anymore? I should have checked on that first, huh?

My order from Borders is all biographies and should be here soon. I can't wait for those! Although, I'm already involved in three other books, so I'm not sure when I'll have time to start a new book or two.
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