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08 January 2011

How do you turn soup into nachos?

If you know anything about me, you know that I LOVE Mexican food. One of my FAVORITE Mexican items would be nachos. Specifically vegetarian nachos given that I don't eat meat.. I love the saltiness of the chips and the creaminess of the cheese and all the other yummy flavors. It's very easy to get bad nachos and very difficult to get good nachos. Tonight, I decided to make a solid attempt at concocting my own from the supplies I have in my kitchen. If I do say so myself, they were freakin' awesome! Mmm, mmm good!

I took a can of kidney beans (rinsed), a container of Imagine Organic Cuban Black Bean Bisque, a few handfuls of my favorite tortilla chips, some plain chevre, and some diced grape tomatoes. I combined the beans and the bisque and then reduced the bisque down to a thick, chili-like sauce. I spooned the sauce over my chips, added about 4oz. of crumbled chevre, and then sprinkled the tomatoes over top. I would have added some black olives but I didn't have any in the house. I don't need sour cream in my diet (despite it being mucho tasty!), but it would have been tasty spooned on top.

I forgot to take a picture because I was super eager to eat it! But, believe you me, it was very yummy! And my sparkling pina colada was a nice margarita substitute.
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