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11 January 2011

Working on a resolution

So I resolved to take more time for photography this year. And, since today is a snow day, I took the time to take some pics. I only took a handful of shots, but it was good to get back into "photographer" mode for a while. 

The Boy and I drink a lot of flowering tea. You know, the tea that starts as a tight little ball but has actually been sewn together to bloom into a flower in the hot water? Well, I figured that I would attempt to take some pics of the pot that I was currently enjoying. 

This one is blurry due to the steam rising. I kinda like it. Makes it look misty. 

This is taken through the side of the clear tea pot that I have for flowering teas. I like the fluidity of the water. Which makes sense because water is indeed fluid. :) 

Here is Kiki! The Sago Palm! Up close and personal.

I actually really like this one. I like how that the foreground is blurry but you can see the mirror reflection and a strand of pearls behind. It took me a few looks to like it, but I do. 

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