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18 January 2011

Travels to NOLA

I spent last weekend in NOLA at a writing institute which also meant that I got to spend some QT with The Boy. We stayed up late, ate great food, enjoyed tasty cocktails, and had a blast walking around and checking things out. But, then again, we usually have a good time together.

I also got to take some pictures! Finally! It was great to get out and record my world, no matter what the weather. As the pics show, the weather varied considerably from Friday to Monday. But I'm pretty happy overall with the pics that I was able to take.

As always, we visited Jackson Square and Cathedral. We walked around French Market and the whole of the French Quarter. We also finally got to tour the Ursuline Convent and St. Mary's Italian Church. And here is what my camera produced ...

One of the many balconies of NOLA

Why can't I live in one of these balconied apartments?

A gate. Clearly.

A pretty succulent.

I love the shadow cast upon the ceiling. 

I wonder what time it was when I took this pic?

The view from Jackson Square.

More Jackson Square.

The Cathedral.

I absolutely LOVE Live Oaks. I seriously want one in my yard when I get a house.

I like the lounging statue in the center. 
I do not love the squatting man in the jersey on the right.

The Mighty Miss.

Wrong side of the tracks?

French Market yummies.

The light at the end of the tunnel.

A quaint Quarter doorway...

on a quaint Quarter street.

Our Lady of Succor.

Convents grow great oranges.

The nuns all boarded up (they don't actually live there anymore.)

Mr. Jackson himself.

The Cathedral against a blue sky.

Birdies playing in the fountain.
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