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11 January 2011

Snow, Glorious Snow!

Let me rephrase: Ice, Glorious Ice!

Due to the icy conditions all over the Southeast, today is a "snow" day for most of the schools in the area. And, as we all know, everyone loves a snow day. Except maybe parents who are then trapped at home with overly energetic and excited kids. And, to be honest, today is the worst kind of snow day. There isn't any snow to play in, and you can't go anywhere. The equals stir-crazy children.

So, for snow days, that means day off for teachers! I have every intention of doing some work later, but, for now, I am enjoying some time off when it's actually daylight. That means playing with my camera and my blogs.

There is about 1/4" of ice covering everything right now, and it is thicker in some places. My rosemary bush has a nice layer on it, and the grass is super crunchy. Unfortunately, the bad weather has kept the complex maintenance men at home, and my stairs -- both front and back -- are covered in a very think layer of ice. The Beast has fallen each time I've taken her out. I feel bad, but there's not much I can do.

I will say that it was great fun watching the neighbors attempt to clear their cars this morning. I've got another Rear Window set up in my office, so I get to watch the neighbors come and go while laughing to myself. They were using their scrapers (which I was surprised they actually had! A lot of people down here use all sorts of things -- credit cards, cd cases ... -- to clear their cars.) as hammers and were whacking away at the ice. None of them thought to start the car and turn on the defrost and heat to aid in the ice removal. Good times.

It's days like this when I'm glad to be a New Yorker. While my blood may have thinned and the cold hits me harder than it used to, at least I'm well versed in dealing with the winter elements.

Care for a few pics of the ice? Well, here ya go!

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