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06 April 2011

Amazing Graze

I grazed ALL day today. I'm not sure what was wrong with me, but I ate pretty much everything my eyes happened to see. Over the past few weeks I have really been good about eating only when I am hungry or need to eat. I regularly ask myself, "Why are you eating that?" If the answer isn't closely related to, "I'm hungry," I didn't eat it. Today, that whole routine absolutely fell apart.

I ate my normal breakfast, but, when I got to school, there were fresh bagels and cream cheese. As a NY girl, I can't pass up a bagel. I did limit myself to just half and not too much cream cheese. A short while later, it was lunch time. I grabbed my usual salad, but they were serving freshly-made bananas foster! I mean, seriously, who can say no to that? After lunch I snagged a tiny piece of pumpkin bread from the kitchen and then ate a mini bag of Chex Mix. Despite all of that grazing, I still managed to have a full dinner with dessert and a beer. What is wrong with me today? I haven't been hungry in any way. I've just been eating. I haven't even felt a grumble of hunger. I haven't been like this in longer than I can remember.

All that grazing coupled with the fact that I didn't work out today, and I feel like a total slug. I did manage to get in good walk with The Beast (a little over 4.5 miles in just over an hour), but I feel like this one day has just pushed me directly backwards. Tomorrow is going to be hella long with a full day of teaching followed by an evening poetry performance, but I'll need to squeeze in a workout somewhere and somehow. After a day like today, I need every minute of exercise I can get.

Ugh. This healthy-fitness-new-way-of-living thing sucks.

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