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03 April 2011

Failures in domesticity

Tonight started with such promise, but it didn't take long for my lack of domestic skills to kill any success the night might hold.

I started off the night determined to silk dye some eggs. I had picked up a bunch of silk ties from the thrift store earlier today so I could give this project a shot. It took a lot of breath and energy to blow the yolk out of the eggs, so I really hoped that everything worked out well.

The ties.
The blown-out eggs with the silk scraps I chose to use.

The final product.  Really not quite how they were supposed to turn out. 

The images that I saw when I got this idea were so even and consistent. My eggs really didn't look all that even at all. I think I should have maybe secured the silk more tightly or maybe added more vinegar to the boiling water. I'm not sure what went wrong, but I was certainly not happy with my results.

The good side.
And the reverse of the same egg. Not so pretty.
Back. Again, not so good.
Front. Bad.
Back. Equally bad. 
Hardly any print transfered on this one.
All in all, this was a totally failure. I've got more ties, so I'll try it again. But I'm pretty disappointed with my results.

So, after you blow out six eggs, you have a whole lotta yolk to use. I decided to make a capri cake with all those eggs. A capri cake is essentially a flourless chocolate torte with some almonds. They taste AMAZING, and I figured I'd bring it to work tomorrow to share with my colleagues. 

Dark chocolate and almonds ... yum.

Well, like the eggs, the cake was a disaster. It didn't mix well or cook well, and, sadly, I had to throw it out. But not before I took pictures of the catastrophe.

Actually tastes pretty great. Lots of chocolate and nuts. It just looks like vomit.
I really am not good at being domestic. I keep trying it, but I keep sucking. Good thing I'm not a housewife. 
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