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13 April 2011

Some life goals I have yet to achieve

Now that spring is officially in full swing, I find myself thinking about my life goals and preparing to move forward  into the next year. (Being a teacher, my years begin in the fall and end in the summer. That's just an affect of the teaching schedule.) I've already begun planning how I want to improve my teaching/classroom in the coming year, but there are always personal goals that loom over my head. Things I've always wanted to accomplish but never seem to have to time to do so.I figured that I'd lay some of them out here to see if writing them down makes them any more "doable." So, here it goes ...

MB's Life Goals

1.) Finish my dissertation. Seriously. That thing is looming over me. I hope to make some serious headway on it this summer since I'm not really working at all.
2.) Re-learn Spanish. I used to be so fluent, but not using it on a regular basis has led to losing it. I guess the old adage of "use it or lose it" is true.
3.) Learn Italian. Dating an Italian and attending some pretty heavily Italian family functions often makes me feel a little left out. It would be nice if I could actually talk at the family dinner table.
4.) See the Aurora Borealis. I've always wanted to do this, but it does require an adventure in some pretty cold places. Not too sure when that is going to happen.
5.) Get "Vanessa" arms and legs. My kickboxing teacher has the most amazingly toned and fit arms and legs. Now that I've lost some weight, my goal is to start toning more so I can get her awesome shape.

That's a pretty decent list for now. Let's see how this summer works in my pursuit of these babies.
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