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16 April 2011

If April showers bring May flowers ...

... What do April torrential downpours and tornadoes bring?

We've had some pretty severe weather today, including a tornado or two touching down, hail, and really hard rain. Of course I happened to be out and about during the storm, so that meant driving in it (as well as retreating under a gas station overhang at one point to get out of the hail). When I finally returned home, the sky was blue and the sun was strong. Of course, now, an hour later, the sun is gone and another storm is brewing. But the pause in the storm was just long enough for me to capture a few pics in my backyard.

This mini-waterfall? Yeah, that's new. Wasn't there this morning.

Yeah. This little river? Not there this morning. The creek bed was bone dry.

My own mini-maelstrom. 

Again, wasn't here this morning. Will most likely be gone by tomorrow.

A close up of my little waterfall.
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