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10 April 2011

Hiking at Raven Rock

On Saturday, the Beast and I headed to Raven Rock Park with a few of my colleagues and a few students for a bit of hiking. Unfortunately the weather was a bit chilly and wet, but we made the best and had a great time. The trip down was about an hour, and we only got to hike for about an hour. Had the weather been nicer, I'm sure we would have stayed longer. In fact, I plan on going back again on a nicer day to get some more pictures and enjoy the outdoors. 

The view of the river.

Part of Raven Rock

Looking down through a craggy hole ... 

And looking up same said hole.

The super-tall staircase leading down to Raven Rock 
I love these roots.

The fiddle-head ferns were out in force.

The rock.
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