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13 April 2011

Charmed Life - Bird Girl

My Bird Girl charm comes from one of my most favorite places on Planet Earth: Savannah, GA. During my first or second year living in NC, The Boy and I planned a Spring Break trip to Asheville, Charleston, and Savannah. We were going to take the better part of a week and just relax and hang out. I had never been to these places, so I was very excited. 

Within moments of arriving in Savannah, I fell head-over-heels in love. I loved the atmosphere, the people, the history, the beauty, the open-container laws (wink wink) ... everything. We visited brew pubs, ate awesome food, toured the historic district, walked on the beach at Tybee, spent some time in Bonaventure (these pics are from a more recent trip back, but they capture the awesomeness of the cemetery as well as some St. Paddy's Day fun), but, most importantly, we spent time together. 

Up to that point, that Spring Break trip was the most wonderful time that The Boy and I had spent together. It was our first real vacation together, and it was absolutely amazing. We really enjoyed just spending time together, laughing and talking and walking and just being. There was no pressure or rush or schedule to keep. We did what we wanted when we wanted to do it. It was so relaxing, and the only thing that has been better since was our trip to Spain a few years ago. That dedicated time of just being together doing what we wanted was so precious and so appreciated. 

Since then I have been back to Savannah but not as often as I'd like. Whenever times get rough and I'm looking for a change, I always go looking for a new job in Savannah. I've found a few but have never actually applied. Things usually work out here at home, but Savannah is certainly my ideal; I would move there in a heartbeat if the situation presented itself. It's everything I want in a city (except for size ... It's a little small but that does add to it's charm).

So why Bird Girl? Well, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (the book and the movie) takes place in Savannah, and all of the cemetery scenes take place in Bonaventure. The main statue there that was featured in the movie is Bird Girl. In fact, after the movie and the book, the statue was so popular that they had to remove her from the cemetery, and she is now on display at the museum of modern art in the historic district. 

If anything embodies Savannah, it is Bird Girl.
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