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29 April 2011

Florida Wrap-Up

The trip to Florida was quick but fun. The weather was gorgeous, the family was well behaved, and it was a good time for all. I took lots of pics (not as many as usual), and, since I've been a bad blogger, here are a few for you all to enjoy.

Sunrise on Good Friday

Me, my nieces, and Mom

The nieces in a rare moment of getting along.


Wading in

Rinsing shells like Oma taught her

An impromptu shell lesson with Oma

Three generations walking the beach

About to be washed away

Digging for shells

Unbridled joy in the setting sun

Cartwheels are more fun in the sand

Friends are more easily made at the beach

Leah's Bo Derek photo

Someone created this on the beach on Friday. When I left on Sunday, it was still undisturbed. 

Bird in the setting sun

On the breeze

Sailing in the setting sun

Easter egg dying!


This heron takes the easy way out.

Look at that hair.

Beach umbrellas

Soaring high.

Leapin' lizard!
And there you have it. Florida.
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