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14 April 2011

If you haven't had this, you need to

I'm a pop girl. I love me some carbonated beverages, but they are so loaded with unnecessary calories! And diet pop has recently been linked to strokes (no one knows why), and they are sweetened with who-knows-what. In my last post I made reference to Virgil's, and, if you like pop but don't want all the junk, you really should try it out. They've recently released a line that is sweetened only by stevia, a plant ... that grows ... in the ground. Not aspartame or any of that other junk. And it tastes AWESOME. Their regular line is only sweetened by cane sugar, but their diet line is as good, if not better.  I personally like their black cherry cream soda and their root beer. And I don't feel guilty when I crack one open.

And the best thing is that they are a small, environmentally-conscious company that is trying to make a product that is good for everyone. How can you beat that?

A vote? For little ol' me? Why, thank you!
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