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02 April 2011

You say random, I say eclectic

While at the gym today, I realized something about myself:

My musical tastes are completely schizophrenic.

Seriously. Let me give you the rundown of the first five songs I listened to while working out:

1.) Volare by Dean Martin
2.) In a Sentimental Mood by John Coltrane
3.) Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison
4.) I Can't Get Next to You by the Temptations
5.) The Cave by Mumford and Sons

From there I progressed through some U2, a bit of The Proclaimers, a smattering of Diana Krall and Jane Monheit, some Dave Matthews, and a nice helping of "oldies." None of which are considered even remotely in the same genre.

I guess I get my musical inspiration from my dad. He listened to everything from the oldies to the Eagles to Hank Williams (the first one, not the latter two) to the Rolling Stones. In fact I spent considerable time with him driving all over NY State playing "Name That Tune" in his truck. I guess all that training stuck. 

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