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13 April 2011

Silk-dyed eggs - Take 2

Because I am no quitter, I tried the silk-dyed eggs again. After the last batch, I talked with the Art Guru at school and she gave me some solid suggestions for achieving better results. She also praised my eggs and told me how beautiful they were; I love how she is SO COMPLETELY an art teacher. She suggested that I wrap the silk a bit more carefully and tightly so that the silk has more surface contact with the egg. To be honest, the first time I pretty much threw the silk around the eggs without paying much attention. So I bought more eggs, followed her advice and had better results (of course, because she is a friggin' genius!). The results aren't stellar by any means, but they are indeed better. 

Before. All wrapped up in silk ties.

And after ....

Egg #1. A bit patchy but okay.

Egg #2. More patchy, but I kinda like it.

Egg #3. I think this is my favorite. 

Egg #4. This one is okay. Just okay.

Egg #5. I wish the stripes were more prominent.
I guess I would call this a success, especially when compared to the last batch. But the real question is would I do this again. Ummm ... no. It's A LOT of work (Have you ever tried to blow the contents of an egg out through a hole a millimeter in diameter? It's hard. Believe me.) and the results seem to be spotty at best. I gave it the good ol' college try ... twice ... and that's enough. Unless there is some hidden secret to this, I'm pretty sure I'm done. But I have 5 pretty eggs and 6 average eggs as a result. That's cool.

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