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15 April 2011

More Adventures in Bottle Cutting

My art room success yesterday prompted me to pursue even more bottle cutting adventures. I pulled about ten different bottles that The Boy and I have collected over the years and attempted to turn them into something more that just dust-collectors on a shelf. I'm pretty excited to say that today was a rousing success as well!

New barware made from old "bar" ware.

A couple of old Biltmore Winery bottles have an awesome etching of the house on the bottle. They make PERFECT water tumblers. They'll eventually be joined by a blue glass and a yellow glass to make a set of four tumblers. I had to soak the labels off of the other bottles, and, sadly, they have no etching. But I really like the fact that each tumbler will be the same but different.

I'm not sure what lovely libation these will hold, but they used to be a couple of Bonny Doon dessert wine bottles. The etchings stayed after the cutting, and I'm pretty excited about that as well.

A couple of NY State ice wine bottles make perfect Collins' glasses. There will eventually be a third (and hopefully a fourth), but the label had to be soaked off. They aren't as tall as a proper Collins glass, but I love their super weighty bottoms. 

I will say that today's cutting experience was far easier that yesterday's. I really believe that the quality of glass makes a HUGE difference in the ease and accuracy of the cutting. The bottles I cut yesterday were overly mass-produced bottles with inconsistent wall thickness. Wine bottles, especially those from smaller vineyards, are more selective and high-quality, making the cutting easier. The wine bottles took only a few tempering cycles before they just popped clean apart. In fact, one popped so quickly that it fell out of my hands and knocked over the candle I was using.

I'll have more glasses to share with you next week, and, hopefully, there will be more to come in the future weeks. A friend of mine suggested making them and selling them on Etsy, and I'm actually really considering the idea. I called a local wine bar and asked about getting their old bottles. They happily obliged, and I'm going to try to pick some up next week sometime. Of course, I'll have to buy my own bottle cutter and supplies, but that's isn't a big deal.

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