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08 April 2011

In which I am accosted at the gas station

So, in all reality, I've never been overtly hit on. My height (6'0" since the 8th grade and more often than not in a pair of heels) and confidence and my loud personality generally intimidate men and scare them off. I'm okay with that, especially given that I'm in a long-term and very committed relationship. But still, a girl likes to think that she is attractive and desirable to the opposite sex (or to the same if that's how she swings). I've definitely had men casually flirt with me, but I think I send off a "don't eff with me" vibe which curtails any hardcore flirting and come-ons.

Well, today, all that changed. I was really caught off guard though because I wasn't where I expect come-ons to happen. I wasn't in a club or a bar or even the grocery store. I was at the gas station with diesel fuel all over my hands. A fairly nice looking guy approached me from across the parking lot and put out his hand to introduce himself. At first I thought he was one of those people who bother you at the gas station looking for spare change, but I saw he was dressed in clean clothes and had come from a rather large new pickup truck. I smiled and said "hello" but declined shaking his hand given that I had a bit of dirt and fuel on them. He said something about not caring and we shook hands anyway. (I can't remember his name. Sorry.) He then tells me how he saw me from across the parking lot and had to come over and introduce himself. He even asked if I had a boyfriend or husband, and I was like, "Yes! Definitely." He was highly complimentary, but I was able to bow out of the conversation relatively easily. We said our goodbyes, and I went on my way.

I'm very flattered by this, but I also find it HYSTERICAL. A gas station parking lot? Really? What is that about? Do women ever say "yes" when asked out in a gas station parking lot? Does that approach even work?And I appreciate you being drawn to my beauty (cough cough), but give me a good pick-up line, dude. I'd like to think that it was my ever slimming waistline that drew him to me, but I honestly have no idea. I was in jeans and a cowl-neck t-shirt. One of my least sexy outfits ever.

Regardless, I'm happy for the compliment. Even if it was a little weird. But it was a nice little feather in my cap this afternoon.
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