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17 October 2011

Eye woes

I'm not sure what happened, but somewhere between Annapolis and here, my eye glasses started revolting against my brain. I'm not sure if my prescription has changed spontaneously or if I have some rare form of brain cancer (I do tend to go to extremes), but I can't wear my glasses without my head feeling like it is on the verge on imploding. The arms aren't too tight on my head (which I suspected at first) and my prescription sunglasses are causing the same discomfort.

So, it's either wear the glasses and have a splitting headache or don't and squint all day. A girl can't win.

Thankfully I got in a last minute appointment at the eye doctor to get my eyeballs checked out. But, of course, my insurance only covers one exam a year and my last was in January. Gotta love paying for an eye exam out of pocket.
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