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02 October 2011

Ireland - Day 2

Today started out nicer than yesterday with grey but rain-free skies. We went to mass at a VERY old school church up the street from the hotel, and, as soon as we got on the bus to head into City Centre, it started to rain. Thankfully it didn't rain as hard as it did yesterday! We headed to Kilmainham Gaol and happened upon a precious little church along the way. After Kilmainham Gaol, we visited the Guinness Storehouse. The sun came out and they sky cleared as evening approached. It was all-in-all a pretty great day. I had two pints of Guinness, some fish and chips, and some great walking. Tomorrow is the first day of the conference, so fun times may be few and far between for the next two days.

Just a typical Dubliner's home.

The Liffey

Locks with no keys on the Ha'Penny Bridge

Awwww ....

St. Audoen's CATHOLIC church.
It was free to visit. And really old. 

LOVE the row houses. 

The "new" section at Kilmainham. 

The old section. 

A cell in the new section.

My goodness, my Guinness!

The sun finally came out!! At 4pm ...

Playing with my camera on Dublin's quieter streets. 
For the rest of Day 2, you can go here.
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