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01 October 2011

Taking Ireland by Storm - Day 1

After arriving safely in Dublin today, Mom and I sloshed around in the rain for the next seven hours or so. Seriously. It RAINED. All day. It was either a steady drizzle or a downpour at all times. Not quite the warm welcome I was hoping for. But we didn't let the weather get us down. We checked in to the hotel early (thank you, adorable front desk boy!), showered (I hadn't showered since Thursday night at 7pm), and headed out onto the town (with umbrellas in hand). I didn't take as many pictures as normal because it is quite hard to balance an umbrella with one hand while shooting with another, all the while trying to keep yourself AND your camera dry. But, you know me ... I definitely took plenty of pictures. And I'll make up for it in days to come.

I found heaven while in Dublin - The Trinity College Library Long Room.
You're not supposed to take pictures there.
But the kind Irish guard let me if I promised not to use me flash.

This one is for you, db!

Dublin castle

Christ Church 

Christ Church
 (Interesting note about visiting churches: Catholic churches let you see them for free. Protestant churches charge admission fees. Both Christ Church and St. Patrick's are C.O.I churches ... and they charge. Booo!!)
The crypt at Christ Church

St. Patrick's Cathedral

St. Patrick's and the Not-So-Comfy chairs

Jonathan Swift was buried here!

The spiral staircase heading to the organ loft at St. Patrick's.

St. Patrick's. 
For more fun in Dublin - Day 1, check my Picasa album
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