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19 October 2011

Thankfully Target moved in up the street ...

I stopped at the newTarget on my way home tonight. The new one that's two miles from my place just opened and I had to check it out. I stocked up on extra-soft Kleenex because 1.) the house had none and 2.) I've got a head cold coming on. Good thing I did. Since I got home at about 5, I've used almost an entire box. Glad I got the extra aloe variety. My nose will still be reminiscent of Rudolph in the morning.

And I thought my fall head cold/sinus infection had forgotten me this year. Not likely. Hopefully I've nipped it in the bud (with lots of cold and sinus medication and the ton of rest I've been getting this week), and it will subside quickly.

While I adore my job, being surrounded by germy 6th graders all day does have its drawbacks. But they are so dang cute most of the time ...

The good news is that my eye issues were the result of a touch of dry eye and the start of a sinus headache (which I didn't even realize I had until the doctor mentioned it and then the morning afterwards my head had exploded!).
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