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21 October 2011

My students make me laugh ...

... which is wonderful because it reminds me to take life less seriously. 

My kids have been cracking me up all day long. They are on comedic-fire, and I love them all the more for it! I'm pretty sure that the Fun Fest that begins immediately after school today has sharpened their senses (as well as made them a little wild), and they have had me laughing out loud multiple times in class today.

My morning started with this:
We were talking about the parts of speech, specifically nouns and verbs. We were identifying which words were functioning as nouns and verbs in a sentence when one student suggested that "on" was a verb. We know that verbs are capable of changing tense and that is a little test that we try when figuring out word function, so I asked him what the past tense of "on" would be.

Without missing a beat, he replied "off."


My afternoon ended with this:
While discussion creation stories and folktales, we have come across religions, beliefs, and faiths that have multiple gods as well as those that only have one. When I asked if anyone knew what the word for a religion that believes in only one god was, one student replied "unigod." And what is a religion that believes in more than one god?

You guessed it. "Polygod."
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