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24 October 2011

I wanted to go to bed an hour ago ...

... but I can't sleep, so, therefore, I am still awake. I haven't had insomnia in quite some time, but I've got it tonight. And, sadly, there is no one out there to talk to. Nobody on Fb, nobody online, nobody to text. Which isn't surprising because most normal people are either asleep or getting there at this point in the evening. It's doubly annoying that I can't sleep since tomorrow night is a long-awaited GNO (Girls' Night Out), and I know it will be a late evening. And before GNO is kickboxing ... the first one I've been to in over a week which will result in major pain. So, long story short, Wednesday has the potential to really suck.

At least I've got "I'm Not Really a Waitress" to lacquer my nails and Bravo for some mindless entertainment. And blogging. There's always blogging. :)

Good times, good times.

Thanks, Murph, for catching the massive error in my title. I was clearly beyond normal functioning at the time of the post. :)
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