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09 October 2011

Things I didn't do in Dublin ...

... get another tattoo.

I was really tempted. And I had planned to. But I couldn't decide on exactly what I wanted and where I wanted it to be. I've already got a little celtic going on with the shamrock on my foot (so painful but totally worth it!) and the celtic knot on my neck, but I'm interested in expanding. But, since I'm not planning on rushing into anything permanent, I passed on the new ink. I'd rather wait to make a decision I'm happy with instead of paying for laser treatments or getting something covered over (which is doubly painful and I'm not sure why).

But it will happen. Most definitely. Instead the only souvenirs I've returned with from Eire are five bottles of some tasty Bushmills reserve, a charm for the ever-growing bracelet, a nice sweater, a pair of spiffy new Guinness pint glasses, and a few odds-and-ends.

Perhaps the ink will happen when I head to Chi-town in another month ...
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