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18 October 2011

A sad day for my shoe collection ...

Today the doctor told me that I can't wear heels for two weeks. TWO WEEKS! I don't think he realizes who he is talking to. I own approximately five pairs of flats ... and that includes sneakers. This just about breaks my heart.

The sesamoid bone in my foot that broke oh-so-long-ago remains in two separate chunks. The good news is that it hasn't fractured any further. The bad news is that it is in a spot that easily gets inflamed and aggravated with a lot of jumping and side-to-side movement. (I'm also a little annoyed that I didn't get copies of my X-rays. I love that stuff!) This means no more kickboxing or zumba or cardio classes for two weeks as well. Happily, I can still make use of the elliptical and the Stairmaster and weights, but not my favorite Tuesday-afternoon stress reliever with Vanessa!

So, I'm back on Aleve and ice and a taped up foot.

Good times, good times.
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