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23 June 2009

Gems from my niece

I spent the afternoon with my little niece, Kyra today. She's a cutie ... all of 5 years old. We ran errands -- the bank, the beer store (as Kyra affectionately called it ... It was a brewery.), the vet, and then we headed to the park ...

 to chill out for a bit.

Kyra is a pretty quick little whippersnapper.  She's pretty hysterical, actually. She says some pretty great things. A few examples.

The scene: Driving down the street, Bailey is sitting in the front seat, Kyra is in the seat behind her. B's ears are flapping in the wind. Something like this:

Kyra notices how transparent Bailey's ears are and see her veins. 

Kyra says: "Aunt Mary, why does Bailey have cracks in her ears?"

Aunt Mary almost pees herself.

Later Kyra speaks up from the back seat:

"Aunt Mary, why do boys have so much hair on their legs?"

Aunt Mary started to explain testosterone and all that jazz but reconsidered. 

(I'm also rather proud that she bears my resemblance. 
Or, as they say in the South, she "favors" me.)
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