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30 June 2009

More NY sunsets and fun at the Discovery Center (and a random graduation pic)

The stormy weather has brought about some nice sunsets. A lot of cloud coverage, but still a pretty scene.

Two nights ago.

Tonight's pretty sky.

More of tonight.

I took my three nieces (minus Kiersten) to Binghamton today to have some fun. We wanted to go to the zoo, but it was rather rainy and miserable. So we decided to check out the Discovery Center. It was PACKED full of children and moms getting out of the rain. We still had some great fun.

Kyra, Leah, and Sami

Kyra makes an adorable little bunny.

Leah's version of a bunny is a bit more haughty. But I still love her!
I also attended Newfield High School's graduation last week to watch my last batch of 7th graders commence. They are so big now! It makes a girl feel rather old.

Here I am with my favorite graduate.
(By the way, I am not really a giant. I just play one on TV.)
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