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29 June 2009

Winetasting fun

Today we all went to taste some good ol' NYS wine. We decided to tour Seneca Lake because it's been a while since I've visited those vineyards. We had a really fun time, and the weather was beautiful. We visited quite a few wineries, but I only bought four bottles of wine!! Of course, my mom and the rest of them made up for it. (Mom came home with 14 bottles of wine!!!!!!!!) We spent about 7 hours with Dad being a wonderful DD for us.

I love how all of the vineyards have such beautiful views of the lake. Despite the hard rap I give to Upstate NY, it is a really beautiful place. I'm rather blessed to call such a beautiful place home!

Farming life seems to be much more appealing with a lake view.

Here's where the magic begins.

A cool barrel.

A nice view from the vineyard's front porch.

Belhurst Castle ... the wine was so-so, but the location was nice!


More vineyards.

Vineyards by the lake.

All in all, it was a very nice day.
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